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‘Stairway to Heaven’ Is Real, But Will It Be Closing Soon?

Friends of Haiku Stairs are fighting for the preservation of this beautiful hiking trail.






Hawaii is known for its vibrant island life and gorgeous beaches, but their hike trails are also among the favorites of tourist spots. One in particular is the Haiku Stairs.

Haiku Stairs or Haiku Ladder has been dubbed as the “Stairway to Heaven.” It is a steep hiking trail found in Oa’hu. It is such an inviting location for daredevils and adrenalin junkies, but unfortunately, hiking is off limits.

Even though the government had placed a security guard at the trail’s entrance, tourists still break the rules and go for a hike along the trail.

Why wouldn’t they? Getting to the topmost part of the trail will bring you a stunning view of the island.



Source: Vimeo
This is proof that daredevils will do just about anything to get to the top.



Source: Mark Payton

The stairway was originally made from wood and was put up during World War II. In the 1950’s, the government replaced wooden stairs with steel steps. Over time, the staircase weakened and was damaged by landslides and years of neglect.


Source: izzylivin

In February last year, a storm swept the island, bringing serious damage to the stairway and threatening its fate. Five hikers were stranded and the storm permanently twisted the railings in some sections of the stairway.

Honolulu’s Board of Water Supply, the agency that foresees the maintenance of the trail, announced that Haiku Stairs will either be handed to another agency or will be removed permanently.

This will definitely be sad news for hikers and all adrenalin junkies, but thanks to local residents and a group called Friends of Haiku Stairs, there may be hope for the “Stairway to Heaven.”

Business Pacific News reported in October last year that they may impose a hike fee for tourists, and the revenue will be used to repair the stairs and reopen the trail.


At this moment, though, it remains to be seen if Haiku Stairs can be saved. For now, you can just watch this hair-raising video of the epic trail toward the top of Haiku Stairs.

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H/T: Huffington Post, Pacific Business News


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