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This French Bulldog Was Stuck Behind A Sofa. Watch How It Escaped On Its Own. Clever!





French bulldogs are companion dogs first created in England as miniature version of a bulldog. This breed accompanied English lacemakers to France, henceit was called the “French” bulldog. At present, these dogs are mostly found inside homes as family pets and in dog shows, where they are presented as a beholder of such exquisite canine beauty.

Although they seem serious and stiff, these dogs sure knows how to crack us up. In this video we found, Helge, a French bulldog was stuck behind a sofa and could not get out. It then used its butt power as he wiggled his way out of the narrow space. Its fat behind and quirky way of shaking his body all made us laugh in delight. What a cute and intelligent dog!

Watch the video here:

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Credits:, karoline Fjeld via PawMyGosh

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