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9-Year-Old Fortnite Addict Sent To Rehab After Wetting Self, Attacking Her Own Father

She would spend 10 hours per day just playing the game, staying up until dawn.

It’s difficult to stop playing when the game is getting interesting. However, one nine-year-old may have taken her interest in Fortnite too far. The primary school student would reportedly continue playing once her parents have gone to bed and stay up until 5:00 AM. The young game addict also ended up falling asleep in class because she didn’t get a good night’s sleep.

The little girl’s obsession with Fortnite has certainly gone from bad to worse. Her parents reported that the nine-year-old would urinate into the cushion she sat on instead of pausing her game to go to the toilet. In addition to that, she had attacked her own father because he threatened to take away her Xbox gaming console. Her parents had no choice but to put their daughter in rehab to combat her addiction.

The nine-year-old girl would reportedly spend 10 hours playing Fortnite per day.

The trouble started when the young girl downloaded Fortnite right after her parents gave her an Xbox. The game instantly had an impact on the primary school student as she began avoiding her ballet classes. She would also refuse to go to church with her parents on Sundays. To make matters worse, she began charging up to $65 per month on her parents’ credit card to get upgrades on the game.

Fortnite has been downloaded by more than 40 million users since its release late last year.

The young girl’s mother confessed that they did not realize they had a serious problem.

“We had no idea, when we let her play the game, of the ­addictive nature or the impact it could have on her mental health,” she said.

The young addict’s parents have decided to put their daughter into rehab with intense psychotherapy sessions. It is still unclear if she will be allowed to play Fortnite again once she gets out of rehabilitation.

Fortnite is a co-op sandbox survival game that allowers gamers to fight each other through gameplay.

It is possible that the nine-year-old had become obsessed with Fortnite: Battle Royale, the latest mode that includes last-man-standing gameplay.


Female Cop On Sick Leave Makes Money Playing Video Games

Meet Sergeant Leanne Carr, a.k.a. The Pineapple Queen.

Avid Fortnite gamers probably know Sergeant Leanne Carr. Aside from being a police officer, this gamer has also made a reputation for herself online using the name ‘The Pineapple Queen”.

As it appears, Carr, decided to make some extra bucks while she was on a sick leave. Her way of earning money, however, has sparked some controversy and has divided netizens’ opinions.

While on sick leave, Sergeant Leanne Carr livestreams herself playing Fortnite while wearing skimpy outfits.

The cop-slash-gamer is known by her followers as ‘The Pineapple Queen’ and she often wears a pineapple bikini and other racy outfits while playing. ...

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Preacher Backtracks After Asking Followers To Buy Him $54 Million Private Jet

He has some words to say for critics who bashed him after he asked donations to buy the expensive private jet.

Jesse Duplantis has become a household name lately after one of his videos gained controversial reaction from the public. In the now-viral clip, the TV evangelist (and founder of Jesse Duplantis Ministries) pleaded with his followers to buy him a very expensive private jet during his weekly program.

The aircraft, a Dassault Falcon 7X, is worth $54 million and as can be expected, the preacher has immediately been criticized for it. This is despite him saying that he “needs” the new plane so he can “preach the gospel all over the world” in “one stop”.

After the public outrage, Jesse Duplantis is now backtracking from his earlier statements – well, at least a little!

Instead of asking his band of believers to donate money for the jet, he’s now asking them to “believe” it will just be given to them. ...

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Man Beating His Wife In Public Gets Knocked Down By Stranger – With A Flying Headbutt!

Sure, not all heroes wear capes. But this guy can definitely fly!

Not all heroes wear capes, as they say, but this guy can definitely fly! This is that epic moment when a stranger rescues a woman beating beaten in public by his ex-husband – and the internet couldn’t help but cheer for the unlikely hero.

According to reports, this incident happened in Turkey. The action was captured via CCTV and the video has since achieved viral fame on social media.

Rushing to the rescue: This guy wouldn’t tolerate a wife beater.

Apparently, the thug was hitting his ex-wife in public with what appears to be rolled up newspapers on his hand. He beats her on the head several time and the poor woman later falls on the ground, obviously begging for mercy....

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