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How The Forbidden City Survived 200 Earthquakes

Proof of the genius of traditional Chinese architecture.


The Forbidden City, which is the Chinese imperial palace that started way back from the Ming Dynasty, is one of the most important ancient structures in the world. It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987. For almost 500 years, The Forbidden City was home to Chinese emperors and their households and was the political center of the country.

Renovations are in progress in preserving the Forbidden City, but considering how OLD the site is, it’s indeed beyond remarkable how the structures within survived the natural elements, most especially earthquakes.

In its 600 years of existence, The Forbidden City has survived 200 devastating earthquakes, including what is considered the deadliest of the 20th century.


Naturally, people like us in the modern world are curious as to what the Chinese did to make this possible.

What kind of architectural sorcery did the Chinese use to create an earthquake-proof structure?

This video shows us how modern-day carpenters and engineers figured out the secret to the Forbidden City’s stability. Using traditional carpentry techniques, specialist carpenters they built a replica of the palace that is a fifth of the original size. The engineers built the structure on a shake table to simulate earthquake.

They took note of the brackets called dougong, which was used to support the beams and columns of the palace. These hold the key to the stability of the building and instrumental in holding the intricate parts of the structure.

After the replica was finished, they tested the strength of the structure by subjecting it to a series of simulated quakes. They started on a 9.0 magnitude scale, then beyond 9.5, which is the largest recorded quake in history. To give you an idea how monstrous that magnitude is, its energy is equivalent to the effect of 2 billion tonnes of TNT.

After much shaking, the structure was still standing at magnitude 10.1. The carpenters and engineers involved in the project could only marvel at the proof of the genius of traditional Chinese architecture.

Watch the video to see the amazing results:

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New Study Suggests That Ecocide Did Not Cause The Demise Of Easter Island People

It was also found out that the Rapa Nui were fond of eating fish.

Conspiracy theory, secret ancient mystery and alien life, among others, stir the interest of many people. There is just something about these topics that make life a little bit more interesting. Weird, right?

One of the biggest questions that humanity has yet to answer: what exactly happened to the entire civilization on the Easter Island? The island is best known for the Moai, the massive ominous statues of people’s faces.

The most popular theory suggests that the people on Easter Island died of ecological destruction.

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Volunteers in India Plant 66 Million Trees in Just 12 Hours

This is a win for the environment. Good job, India!

In a unique campaign considered by many as a big win for the environment, 1.5 people million in India got together to plant 66 million trees in the span of 12 hours. The said initiative has since captured massive attention from various news sources across the world.

The said plantation activity happened along the Narmada river in the state of Madhya Pradesh. According to officials, this is in response to India's commitment under the Paris Agreement to increase its forests by five million hectares before 2030 to fight climate change.

1.5 million people in India got together to plant 66 million trees in Madhya Pradesh.

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Pompeii Man Appears To Have Last Minute Beatin’ As He Died From Mt Vesuvius Eruption

He “erupted” during the eruption!

The eruption of Mouth Vesuvius in 79 AD remains to be one of the worst natural disasters ever based on body count and extent of destruction. The eruption was known to be of biblical proportions, totally destroying the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum in Italy. Pompeii was wiped out within the next 25 hours.

The main reason for the horrifying death toll is that during that time, no one was aware that Vesuvius was an active volcano so all were caught by surprise when it suddenly erupted after centuries of dormancy.

Recently, photos of bodies that became preserved due to the eruption surfaced online and one can get an idea how the end must have looked and felt like for the doomed residents.

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