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Look Inside The Amazing ‘Flinstone’ House Carved Into A Mountain

Step into Cliff Haven and live like a modern cave dweller! The house that is carved into a mountain is up for auction.

Are you looking for a brand new home? But no house fits your eccentric vibes, well don’t worry because there is a house up for auction that will fit every eccentrics taste. The house, Cliff Haven, is located in Montezuma Canyon, Utah and it boasts an amazing interior design and scenery.

A bird’s eye view on the eccentric Cliff Haven house

Cliff Haven is a three bedroom house that overlooks the 52 acres of Montezuma Canyon. The house is built into a cave in the canyon back in 1986 by the couple, Phil and Barbara Houghton in 21,000 square foot of land. It was designed to be a total off grid house in the days.

The house also is very ecological, and nature friendly. It has solar panels and an efficient water system, plus it has an orchard, a garden and historical trails dating back to more than a thousand years. The house will remind you of the Flinstones home.

The living room overlooking the 52 acre Montezuma Canyon

One of the three bedrooms in Cliff Haven. One can see the interesting choice of design for the walls

The kitchen with bright natural light coming in will surely make anyone want to cook and dine

It also has a three garage system located underground and to go along with the rugged terrain the house is surrounded in, the three bedrooms have exposed brick walls. Cliff Haven has a living room, a kitchen and two bathrooms.

If it scares you to live in a house carved into a cave, don’t worry because 20 minutes away are other cave dwellers and is located in a very active society. Cliff Haven boasts a very beautiful orchard that is rich in apples, oranges, plums and many other fruit bearing plants, it was planted by the owners some 25 years ago.

Not only is Cliff Haven a beautiful house, it is also built in a historically rich land. It is a mere 90 minutes away from tourist attractions such as Lake Powell and Monument Valley and here’s the best part, its land is built on the land where the Anasazi people settled down.

A view from the inside of Cliff Haven, looking at the blue skies of Montezuma Canyon

The owners who are now in their elder years decided to sell there real-life Flinstones home in hopes that new owners well be able to enjoy and take care of Cliff Haven. They are accepting offers for the house for an upcoming auction.

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