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Fish Bra Selfies are the Latest Bizarre Trend to Sweep Social Media





Before you get your panties in a bunch, no, the fish bra challenge does not involve turning live fish into women’s apparel!

Social media is a constant case of monkey see, monkey do. Just have one famous (or at least, internet famous) person do something remotely out of the ordinary, and you’ll have a swarm of followers emulating the same thing. These things, while not necessarily challenging, are often referred to as challenges.

Back then we had noble challenges that raised awareness for diseases such as ALS with the Ice Bucket Challenge. But these days, some challenges are far from noble (just Google the ridiculous Panty Challenge and you’ll understand what we mean). They’re just ridiculously vain, and frankly, pointless.

So under what category does this fish bra challenge fall under? Check out the photos from the dedicated fish bra Instagram account, and you can judge for yourself.

Still waiting to catch her fish bra.

This northern pike has found itself turned into apparel.

There’s no fish too small for a lady that’s daring enough.

The triggerfish is a nice, safe choice.

You can’t go wrong with a tuna bra!

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