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Massive Crocodile Steals Huge Fish From Helpless Fisherman





Fishing can be a truly rewarding sport especially when you reel in a huge catch. However, you also need to be wary of others who happen to have an eye on your fish. One helpless fisherman learned this the hard way when the large fish he caught was stolen by a massive crocodile.

The anglers, who were only identified as Dac and Daniel, were fishing a backwater pond in the Top End of Darwin, Northern Territory in Australia. Daniel was lucky enough to hook an “absolute donkey of a barra” (that means a really big barramundi) although it was caught in the weeds. They managed to get the fish free and were pulling it in when a gigantic saltwater crocodile suddenly came towards them.

Watch the epic barramundi battle below:

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In the video, Dac keeps telling Daniel to “keep the pressure on” in an effort to get the fish free from the weeds. Although the trick worked, the two fishermen became aware of something huge lurking in the water.

At this point, Dac keeps telling Daniel to “run back bro” to get away from the crocodile and save the barramundi.

“He just kept moving back until he couldn’t really go anymore, and at that point the croc sort of caught up to it,” Dac said. “I remember yelling ‘keep the pressure on it!’ to hopefully in between the chomp try to retrieve this fish, but it was too big.”

The croc had no plans of giving up the easy catch.

The fishermen were clearly disappointed that the croc stole the barramundi from them considering that the catch was “an absolute beast of a fish.”

“We were shocked, we were sad. I was disappointed for Daniel — it was a good fish,” Dac said.

Although they lost a truly huge fish to the crocodile, Dac and Daniel are eager to keep fishing in hopes of getting lucky yet again.

“We love fishing, we want to catch fish, that’s all we want. Hope there’s many more fish,” Dac said.

Watch the video again below:

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