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Firefighter Leaves Own Wedding To Fight Blaze And The Bride’s Reaction Was Epic





Even at his own wedding, Jeremy Bourasa couldn’t stay away from his job. The firefighter sped from the special occasion to fight a house fire before returning three hours later for his first dance.

Jeremy and his fiancée, Krista Boland, had been together for 11 years and had children together when they decided to make it official. Everything was going according to plan until a last-minute call of duty popped up at their wedding venue at the St. Paul Park fire station, where he works as a paid-on-call volunteer firefighter.

Holding the wedding at Jeremy’s employment definitely had its risks. What if there was a fire and Jeremy and his squadron are called?

Krista said:

“We talked about it, ‘What if there’s a call?’ … I was like, ‘You can let the other guys go. You’re not leaving our wedding.’”

Their relationship was tested when there was a house fire just a few miles away in a nearby town. Jeremy and Krista just exchanged vows and were posing for wedding photos when an alarm in the station started to go off.

She said that she didn’t want him to leave, but as they were taking more pictures from the wedding, they could clearly hear that the fire was getting more and more intense.

Although it was her special day and she’d waited 11 long years to walk down the aisle with Jeremy, she knew in her heart that he had to go.

She said:

“I just looked over at him, and I said, ‘Just go ahead and go. Just go’ … I could just see the look in his eyes when I turned to him, he was kind of torn, thinking of his family, and of the people in need of help.”

Krista added that “Jeremy really is amazing, and that’s why I married him. He would do anything for anyone; he truly would.”

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