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What Does The Length Of Your Finger Say About You? Take This Quick Personality Test Now!

This simple quiz will tell your personality by the length of your fingers.


Fortune-telling activities are popular all over the world. This is understandable because the thought of knowing the unknown really sparks great interest among people. Tarot cards, crystal balls, human palms — all these are being utilized by fortune tellers to take a glimpse of the future.

But do you know that personalities can be identified with just a glance at your fingers? Of course, the fun part here is that you don’t have to go out of the house anymore. Yes, you can do it by yourself plus there truly is no harm in trying so allow us to show you how…

First, look at your hand and compare the length of your ring finger and index finer.


There are three types of result for this simple test and each one has a corresponding say about your personality. Once you are done comparing, look at the corresponding interpretations below.

A) If your index finger is shorter than your ring finger…

Such people are very often attractive, easy to talk to, and charismatic. They are more decisive than others, inclined to take risks and cope well with unexpected problems. They can also sympathize with and feel compassion for those around them. Such people often turn out to be brilliant engineers and scientists. Most of them are also fond of solving crosswords and other mind games.

B) If your index finger is longer than your ring finger:

People whose index fingers are longer than their ring fingers are usually confident and self-reliant. They enjoy their own company and intensely dislike having to waste their time on trivial matters. They aren’t usually willing to take the first step in any situation, be it a new business venture or in personal relationships. However, they put a high value on attentiveness and accept praise graciously.

C) If your index and ring fingers are of the same length:

These people are said to be peaceable and good-natured. They deeply dislike conflicts and other similar situations. They are well organized and they get along well with everyone. They’re also loyal to their friends and loved ones and are often devoted to their work. However, they have a short temper – even a small disagreement can lead to a serious argument. It’s better to take their side in any dispute rather than oppose them.

What did you come up with? Do you agree with your results? Let us know in the comment box below and share this post to your family and friends too!



Teacher Gives His Students 15 Tasks To Do For Summer As Homework. What A Remarkable Educator!

This teacher wanted his students to have a fruitful summer so he asked them to fulfill a unique summer homework.

Summer time is the most awaited season for all students. It is their time to take a break from school, go to the beach, sleep in, and just be lazy. But of course, students also need to use this time to improve themselves, enrich what they know, and learn new things. All these and more may be on the mind of a teacher named Cesare Catà from Italy when he gave a unique homework to his students as they parted ways to welcome the summer months.

Cesare Catà is a teacher at the Polo Scolastico Paritario Don Bosco school in the coastal town of Fermo. He wanted his students to stay busy even if school was out because as what Don Bosco said, "An idle mind is the devil's workshop." So Catà gave his students a list of 15 tasks to do during the break and we bet his students will thank him later in life for such meaningful activity!

Here is the list originally published on his Facebook page:


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Loyal Dog Still Patiently Waits Everyday for Master Who Passed Away

Everyone else went on with their lives except for one—Spot. She is a great testimony that love and fidelity knows no boundaries even it means through sickness and health, ’til death do them apart.

From the simple living at the rustic town of Lone Oak, Texas, there rests the placid lawnmower shop of Wayne. As time progressed, Wayne’s shop has been the conventional one-stop-shop for everyone in the area until an unfortunate incident happened—Wayne got killed by a drunk driver.

For five months, his family grieved with a heavy heart. Everyone whom he has left felt devastated by the tragic lost including his ever loyal pet dog, Spot. Back then, Spot would patiently stand at her post and wait until Wayne arrives. As the world continued at its phase, Paul, Wayne’s son, took over his father’s lawnmower business. Everyone else went on with their lives except for one—Spot.

For weeks and weeks after, Spot would stand still at her post, hoping Wayne would still be among one of the trucks to greet her until they reached home. Weeks turned to months yet no Wayne ever came back. The poor dog must really love her master that much. From time to time, Paul would be crossing paths with Spot along the way but will only follow him for a few blocks after realizing that it still wasn’t Wayne who has returned.

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They Never Thought They Will Encounter Such A Rare River Monster This Close! Whoa!

While most of the extreme and far dangerous varieties of species are mostly lurking in the Amazon, a lot of adventurers are still always looking forward to any close encounter.

Despite the fact that many extreme and dangerous species are lurking in the Amazon, a lot of adventurers are still visiting the famed river, looking forward to having a close encounter. For years, many have endangered their lives as they check out the river, hoping to have rare experiences as they explore the vast waters. However, as these wanderers multiply, so do the probability of higher risks.

Take for example these true-bloodied brave gents whose river cruising and catching of a good bait ended to a close encounter of what is perhaps the wild’s near-to-extinction creature —the Arapaima. According to Wikipedia, the arapaima (or popularly known as either pirarucu or paiche) is a genus of bonytongues that used to dominate the vast waters of the Amazon and Essequibo basins of South America. Believed to be among the largest freshwater fish in the world, a typical kind can grow as much as 4.5 m. That’s a near 15 ft to be exact.

Watch the video here:

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