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Filipino Grandma Rapper Wins The Hearts Of Audience At Asia’s Got Talent

She’s a groovy granny!


A 68-year-old grandmother won the hearts of the judges and the audience of the second season of Asia’s Got Talent. Her unexpected talent is indeed unlikely for a grandma, but she definitely killed it!

Her quirky personality and cute outfit got the judges wondering what her talent was, leaving them totally amazed by what she did.

She sang Jessie J's Price Tag in a rap rhythm, making the audience shout in astonishment.

Mercifuletes Viola entertained the reality talent show’s live audience during the premiere episode when she sang the song, showing off her rapping skills.

She shocked the crowd when she suddenly sang a modern hit.

The crowd loved her rapping skills.

The three judges, comprising of Canadian producer David Foster, Indonesian singer Anggun and South Korean hip-hop singer-songwriter Jay Park, all gave their resounding “yes”. Viola will advance to the next stage of the competition, along with the other talents who made it through the initial screening.

Anggun was obviously taken aback because Viola’s talent was truly unexpected.

Anggun told Viola:

“I was so, so entertained by you and I wasn’t alone.”

David Foster said he admired Viola’s rapping skills, who did the rap parts without dentures. He even asked her:

“Are you currently single? Cause I’m always looking.”

She got a kiss from David Foster.

And Jay, too!

In 2015, the Philippines’ Shadow playgroup El Gamma Penumbra won the first season of the talent show.

Watch her full audition video below.

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‘Da Vinci Code’ Author Spurns Faith Again and Says ‘God Can’t Survive Science’

Dan Brown is once again back on making huge claims about the faith, but this time it’s a big one.

Author Dan Brown is well-known for his controversial books such as “The Da Vinci Code” and “Angels & Demons.” Not only does he present a brand new perspective of Christianity, he also questions the faith. While many criticized him for his views, he’s still among the highly-respected authors of today.

Now, Brown is back with another piece of the action. “God cannot survive science,” he recently claimed. He believes that, historically, gods – including the God of Christianity – has always failed to survive science.

The critically-acclaimed American novelist made huge claims during the unveiling of his new book, “Origin.”

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10 Actors Who’ve Undergone Extreme Body Transformations For Their Movie Roles

You just can’t help but be inspired by their dedication and love for the craft.

We all love watching a good, satisfying movie. Who on earth doesn’t, right? As fans, we all have to remember, however, that what makes a movie great goes beyond acting and script writing. There’s a lot of factor involved, and perhaps the most interesting one is the performance carried out by the actors themselves.

These actors spend months preparing themselves for the roles they play. And believe it or not, the preparation alone is way, way harder than acting. Some of them undergo extreme transformations to correctly fit into their roles. Some would grow a beard or cut their hair, while others would wear hideous makeup. But there are times when roles require an actor to either gain or lose weight.

Below are 10 examples of shocking weight transformations actors underwent for films.

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Shocked Mother Spots Drawing of a Male Genitalia Hidden In A Netflix Kid’s Cartoon

Maya the Bee just got naughty!

When it comes to children’s entertainment, parents have to keep in mind that not all animated shows are actually suitable for young audiences. Besides, there are a lot of cartoons out there that are made specifically for mature viewers. These shows, by comparison, contain edgier material than your typical Saturday morning cartoons.

Of course, you, as a responsible parent, have to make sure that you provide guidance for your children as they look for stuff to watch. You have to expose them to wholesome content such as Maya the Bee. Or maybe not?

GASP! Is that what I think it is?!

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