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24 Famous Places That You’ve Likely Been Mispronouncing All Your Life

You’ve been saying them wrong since forever.

Have you ever been to a foreign place without knowing how to say where you are? Or have you tried to ask for directions to a place that you don’t even know how to pronounce? Well, you’re not alone. Apparently, it is not uncommon to commit this social blunder when you’re visiting a new place.

The differences in pronunciation root from our language. Each language is distinct. The tone, stress, intonation, and accents vary between each regions. How words are pronounced in China differs from how words are pronounced in the United Kingdom. So, when we are visiting a foreign place, it is inevitable to mispronounce some places.

But don’t fret! Thrillophilia created a list of the most commonly mispronounced places, and how to pronounce them properly. Check the photos below:

#1. Bangkok, Thailand


#2. Melbourne, Australia


#3. Reykjavik, Iceland


#4. Dubai, UAE


#5. Beijing, China


#6. Budapest, Hungary


#7. Phuket, Thailand


#8. Brisbane, Australia


#9. Colombia


#10. Yosemite Park, USA


#11. Iraq


#12. Montreal, Canada


#13. Qatar


#14. The River Thames, UK


#15. Versailles, France


#16. Worcester, UK


#17. Via Dolorosa, Jerusalem


#18. Helena, USA


#19. Kissimmee, USA


#20. Lafayette, USA


#21. La Jolla, USA


#22. Niger


#23. Pakistan


#24. Worcestershire, UK


You might want to keep these in mind, just in case you go traveling to these places in the future. You would not want to see those strange looks when you ask for directions, would you?

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Have You Been To Any Of The 17 WORST Airports in The World?

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“It can hardly be a coincidence that no language on earth has ever produced the expression, 'As pretty as an airport'.”
Douglas Adams, The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul

Traveling is no doubt an enriching and invaluable experience. It takes us away from the normal hustle-and bustle of our daily lives and allows us to experience new cultures and learn new things. However, before we get to the lovely tourist spots to see the breathtaking sights, we often have to bear the hour-long flights, go through the airport, and endure the never-ending immigration queues. If you're really lucky, you'll land in a plush airport with state-of-the-art facilities. The restrooms look immaculate, the ground staff is polite, and most importantly, you have access to a WiFi connection. But we don't get lucky all the time.


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This guy captures the stunning beauty of the Maui Coast and the legacy of the ancient King’s Highway.


Hiking is a fun activity for some people. If you love anything that's extreme then this would surely be included in your To Do list of outdoor activities. Others prefer admiring the astounding views, captivating beauty of nature and  the sense of serenity when you're on a hike. Be it a hobby, sport and whatnot, the satisfaction and adrenaline rush make it more worthwhile.

For photojournalist and world traveler Daniel Sullivan it's the best of both worlds. While he can use his passion and love for photography, he also gets to experience the adventure and thrills of nature. Enduring a 200-mile hike while crossing risky cliffs, battling white waters and braving the wild jungle just to capture Hawaii's ancient, the great King's Highway.

Over 500 years ago, King Pi'ilani who ruled the island during the 16th Century constructed the King's Highway on Maui, Hawaii also known as Hoapili Trail. Unfortunately, what once was part of the history of Maui is now almost fading away and Daniel Sullivan is trying to immortalize it through his photographs and compiling it in a book....

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In all the 195 countries of the world which ones do you think have the best-looking women? I’m sure that the answers to this question will differ greatly as everyone has their own idea of what an attractive lady should look like, but data has been gathered, and conclusions have been made.

There are certainly some countries in the world that appear to be more filled with stunning females than others.

#15. Philippines

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