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Family Calls Ghostbuster After Demonic Poltergeist Molests Them While They Sleep





Since Halloween last year, evil poltergeists had been terrorizing the Fry family’s home, a three-bed terraced house in New Tredegar, South Wales.

Every morning, 46-year-old mother Tracey would wake up with bruises on her body. She and her 32-year-old husband Keiron believe that a poltergeist inflicted the unexplained bruises.

“We are being molested by demons,” said Keiron.


“My wife goes to bed fine, doesn’t feel anything in the night but when she wakes up she’s in agony.I wake up the next day and said: ‘I didn’t do that. I would never beat my wife,” he added.

Even the couple’s three children are being threatened by the phantom. In fact, Keiron was able to photograph the ghost inside his son’s bedroom. He believes that this photo shows a “demonic child in a white gown with blue face and a tail”.

The family decided to seek the help of a paranormal expert after their unwanted guest told their children:

“I’m going to slit your parents’ throats”.

Desperate to drive away the evil spirits, the couple hired psychic Robert Amour who charges £100 to cleanse their cursed abode.

Mr. Amour alegedly annihilated the two smaller demons terrorizing the family. Unfortunately, there was still a third demon in their house, an incubus demon.


“We were told by the paranormal investigator that we have an incubus demon – the worst type of demon you can get. He told us we have three demons in total, the other two helped the main demon pin me down,” explained Keiron.

Finally, the Fry family sought the help of Stepson Nicholas Bush. Using an Ouija board, Bush was able to send away the incubus demon from the family’s home.

Luckily, they are no longer in contact with the demons.

Source: The Mirror UK

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