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Facebook Group Lets Millennials and Gen-Z Pretend That It’s Still The 2000s




  • Justin and Selena were still young and in love.
  • Twilight made you like sparkly vampires.
  • No one knows what Bitcon is.

Groups is one of the reasons why people still hang around Facebook, no matter how much social media is being demonized these days. If keeping up with the lives of the people on your friends is not your thing anymore, at least you can still get useful content on Facebook in the form of informative blog posts and yes, groups.

Now there’s a Facebook group for almost everything, it seems, and one of the most popular ones are those that cater to nostalgia. If you’re a millennial or a Gen-Z who wants to get a taste of the glory that was the 2000s, well, Facebook has just the place for you.

Aptly named “A Group Where We Pretend its 2009-2012,” it’s a place for the younger generations to make believe that they are still living in an era where Twilight movies, Justin and Selena, Hannah Montana, and Taylor & Taylor reign supreme.

Check out some of the posts in the page to see what we mean:

Fast forward to 2020: Taylor Swift is still relevant. The other Taylor…nobody knows where he is now.
Admit it. You were doing Gangnam Style moves back then.
Back when there was no Spotify and people rely mostly on mp3s…
Just like Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga has stood the test of time. It’s 2020 and she’s still a thing.
Pre-Kardashian supremacy, people get their drama from Jersey Shore.
When everyone and their mommas are building a farm…
J-Law, before all those nude pictures broke the internet…
Bella and Edward. Enough said.
Remember the time when fashion like Juicy Couture was still hot?
Now the tragedy that is Justin and Selena…
Miley is now a divorced woman and has shed whatever’s left of Hannah Montana in her.
Waaaay back, when people think crypto-currency is just for the dark web lurkers…
Filter, pre-Instagram.
Say, is anybody still using the term “parental units” now?
And yes, more Taylor Swift.

Ah, that glorious time when social media was still fun and people are still happier. Mosey over to that group if you want to get a generous nostalgia hit, why don’t you?

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