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This Extreme Mountain Biking Video Will Make Your Heart Skip A Beat





What’s up with these crazy cyclists risking their lives lately?

Just a few blog entries ago, we shared with you about Chile’s suicide cycling where, as the name implies, the rider does all sorts of risky stunts in the streets. Also, we’ve written about this daredevil biker who plunged down a vertical slope of a 200-ft dam and, of course, that Norwegian backward cyclist who rode down a curvy mountain road.

Now here we are again with a new video that will surely make you gasp in terror for the bikers’ lives.

We got this one from ViralNova and here’s how author Tim Unkenholz described the footage:

“These guys take on rugged mountain terrain and narrow cliffs as if they were empty highway stretches. Watch as they completely dominate every path they encounter.”

As a precaution, he also added this warning for the audiences:

“Just…try not to get dizzy.”

Go watch the video here:

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Uploaded on Facebook by Mustang1071, the video has so far been viewed 51,591,852 times, liked by 171,749 people, and been shared 1,091,357.

Not all reactions to the footage, however, are positive.

For example, Ahamed Ali commented:

“These people don’t know the value of their life.”

That, it seems, is the general consensus among netizens who have seen the video. And it’s pretty understandable! Besides, the terrain really looks too terrifying to ride on, or even let alone walk on. Although the guys are obviously pros doesn’t eliminate the possibility of mistakes and accidents – which could lead to fatal consequences.


H/T: ViralNova

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