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8 Funny Dads Who Miserably Failed At Dressing Up Their Babies The Right Way

#3 is a win. LOL!


Being a parent for around 4 years now, I’d say figuring out how to be a good one is mostly a trial-and-error experience. You see I grew up without a dad while my wife grew up without a mom, so for the most we were left to our own devices to learn parenting on our own. Fortunately, we have good friends, we have good books, and we have the internet so we eventually got the hang of things.

Still, I wouldn’t say we had things easy. For once, carrying an infant was a lifelong fear I had to overcome. I thought babies were really fragile and so I never held one my entire life – until our little boy was born.

Plus there were so many other things to learn such as changing diapers, bathing, burping the baby after feeding, and more. It definitely felt overwhelming and there are instances when I was clueless about what to do.

Just like this guy in the story below.

Brooke Hawley-Basso, a mother from Indiana, left 7-month-old cutie Olivia to the care of Jeremy, her husband. He later took her to the daycare and when Brooke dropped by to get her, she was surprised to see what their daughter was wearing – a shirtless overall!

hilarious baby dress up fails 2

Source: Facebook

She immediately texted him about it and this was how their funny conversation went on:

“I gotta plead ignorance here,” said Jeremy when asked about baby Olivia’s shirtless overall.

“I gotta plead ignorance here,” said Jeremy when asked about baby Olivia’s shirtless overall.

Source: Facebook

Brooke later uploaded the photo on Facebook and the image immediately went viral, receiving thousands of shares and likes. It likewise triggered a lot of reactions from other parents who also posted hilarious parenting failures of their husbands such as these ones:

#1. “Gezz, Dad… Like seriously?”

hilarious baby dress up fails 3

#2. Little guy looks like Ace Ventura.

hilarious baby dress up fails 4

To be fair though, that’s an awesome shirt!

#3. “Her father dressed her. I’ll leave it at that.”

hilarious baby dress up fails 5

Source: Facebook
#4. Is it THAT cold outside?

hilarious baby dress up fails 6

#5. Another epic overall fail.

hilarious baby dress up fails 7

Source: Facebook
#6. “This is what happened while I was at work today…”

hilarious baby dress up fails 8

Source: Facebook
#7. “My husband does this all the time.”

hilarious baby dress up fails 9

Source: Facebook

I seriously couldn’t quit chuckling. Well, let’s just hope my wife doesn’t find out about these posts – or else I’m doomed.

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