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Engaged Couple Allows Each Other to Sleep With One Person From Tinder Every Month

Just goes to prove that not everything you read on Tinder is true.


While hearing about horror stories in Tinder is quite common, this woman’s encounter with an engaged man on the dating app is one for the books. A woman identified as Cassandra revealed how the man who goes by the name Lucas “victimized” her on the popular dating app. She decided to share her unfortunate story to warn others not to fall prey to his charms.

To convince Cassandra to have a date with him, the guy who sports a six-pack and teaches primary school kids pretended that he was single. Since they immediately hit off, she decided to meet with him on Saturday.

Lucas' profile picture on Tinder


Photo credit: Mirror UK

“He told me on Tinder he would really like to meet me. He talked about his job in a primary school and and his hobbies. He was polite and respectful. I didn’t get the feeling he was anything other than he said he was,” she told The Mirror UK.

After having a fun evening with the guy, Cassandra was distraught to read the guy’s shocking message on WhatsApp the next morning.

In his message, Lucas revealed he had a fiancé and that they had an agreement to have one night out each month “where the usual rules don’t apply”.

Lucas comes clean and reveals his real status.


Photo credit: Mirror UK
According to Cassandra, he seemed genuine and didn’t give her any indications that he was actually lying.


Photo credit: Mirror UK

Although she thinks Tinder is not to be taken too seriously, Cassandra believes people should be honest about who they are on the dating app.

“He’s probably done this to lots of women. I want to warn other ladies to avoid Lucas from Bermondsey,” Cassandra warned.


Anthony Bourdain Asks A Master Bladesmith To Forge A Knife Out Of A Meteorite

The Master Bladesmith told Bourdain that meteorites represent man’s first encounter with the stars.

In his new show Raw Craft, Anthony Bourdain collaborates with the Balvenie Distillery in search of the world’s best crafts(wo)men. He heads to Olympia to meet a bladesmith who would make a knife out of a meteorite: Bob Kramer.

One of the 122 recognized master craftsmen in the U.S., Kramer creates knives that may cost you a fortune. Made out of meteorites, his knives are built with so much detail and passion.

The Master Bladesmith told Bourdain that meteorites represent man’s first encounter with the stars.

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This Scientist Hasn’t Taken a Bath in 12 Years, Uses “Bacteria Spray” Instead

For Dave Whitlock, there’s no benefit from showering, so why do it?


Imagine not taking a bath for one day. Pretty bearable, right? Well, then, here's a challenge: can you refrain from taking a bath for 12 years?

Apparently, American scientist Dave Whitlock doesn't believe in the effectivity of showers, hence he decided to scrap taking a bath altogether. Instead of using soap and water to wash himself, he decided to use a "bacterial spray" - a mist which contains live bacteria.


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Epic Fail! Guy Accidentally Poops His Pants During A First Date

What could go wrong on a first date? Check out this video about Carl and the “crappy” experience that he had.

First dates can be very nerve-wracking. For the most part, you don’t know what to expect about it and yet you want to be smooth in how you handle the entire experience. On top of that, you want to be who you are without showing too much of your flaws. Besides, first impressions are the most lasting and so you want it to be positive as much as possible.

Basically, you want to be “the” nice guy and there are many ways to do that. For example, you can pick her up from her place. During the date, be a good listener to show that you are genuinely interested with what she has to say. Also, make sure that you smell and look good.

In short, you don’t want to mess up like Carl did.

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