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Girl Wants Boyfriend To Meet Her Parents, He Realizes He Slept With Her Mom Weeks Ago





Every guy knows that nerve-wracking feeling of meeting their girlfriend’s parents for the first time. No one knows what to expect during such meetings and sometimes, all you hope for is that it wouldn’t be awkward at least.

Well some guys can be pretty unlucky. Case in point, this 21-year-old Reddit user shared his disastrous experience when he realized that his girlfriend’s mom was the same woman he had previously slept with.

The story began when he went out with friends to watch a rock show.

He confessed in a Reddit post that has since gone viral:

“A couple of months ago, I was at this nice rock bar with a live band; drinking with a big group of work friends.

“I notice a blonde woman has glanced over a few times so I go up to her, make some small-talk and ask for her number as I couldn’t really leave my friends. We text a little bit but nothing came of it.”

Eventually, the two met again, took time to drink, and ended up sleeping together at her place.

He realized she was “a lot older” than him but decided not to give it much thought.

Several weeks after that, he met a 19-year-old lady on Tinder and they quickly hit it off.

She later invited him to their home so she can introduce him to her parents. Just imagine his shock and surprise when they ended up in the same door where he previously had a hook-up.

“My heart sank when I watched this lovely girl turn to face me, say ‘This is me’, while gesturing to the same door that I went through for a cheap one night stand.”

To this guy’s credit, he immediately admitted to her about it right there and then.

“She was shocked. Very shocked when she realized that I wasn’t joking when I got her mom’s name right.

“I knew she was level-headed from our first few dates so thankfully she actually understood and didn’t attack me for it.

“We do agree we can’t keep seeing each other (duh) but I really did like her, which can be rare for me, so it f***ing sucks.

“She didn’t mention her parents marriage and I don’t want to ask. I also don’t know how the house was free a couple of months ago. All I know is I f****d up.”

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