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Never-Ending Pool Lets You Swim as Long and as Far as You Want!

No need to visit an Olympic sized swimming pool if you have this in your home!

Mich Escultura





For those of you whose sport of choice is swimming, it can sometimes be a huge hassle to go searching for a big enough pool to do a few laps. You need a pool where there aren’t kids and other adults playing around, and those kinds of pools are usually found in gyms that might not always be accessible to you.

And if you do happen to have the dough to spend on getting a pool made in your home, how much space do you think a huge pool would take up in your back yard?

Well now there’s a pool that allows you to do as many laps as you like within a much smaller pool. It’s like swimming in a pool forever!

Never worry again about having to run into people at the pool while you’re practicing your strokes.

Never worry again about having to run into people at the pool while you're practicing your strokes.

The Endless Pool is like a treadmill for swimming. Its creator, James Murdock used to swim against the current in irrigation canals, which gave him the idea to invent a machine with a current you can swim against.

The first Endless pool he created was in Columbia University in 1988. And since then, he has sold thousands all over the world.

Endless pools can be installed into big pools…

Endless pools can be installed into big pools...

Or you can have a smaller one made to fit your backyard.

Or you can have a smaller one made to fit your back yard.

It’s used by competitive swimmers to train, as well as physical therapists for their patients. And even little kids can learn how to swim with its gentle flow setting!

Teach your kids how to swim with the gentle flow current.

Teach your kids how to swim with the gentle flow current.

And the best part is that even if you already have a swimming pool at home, you can get your hands on a swim current generator that can be seamlessly installed into a traditional pool!

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Watch the video here:

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