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Embroidery Tattoos Are Now A Thing And It’s The Coolest Thing Ever





Perhaps no other art forms are as polar opposites as embroidery and tattoos. One’s a traditional art enjoyed by your grandmother while the other is often detested by older people, branding youngsters who have it as “rebels.” The only common thing between the two? Nothing much except the fact that they both require the use of needles.

Well who could’ve guessed that they would look good when combined together? As always, the internet has proven to surprise us in wonderful ways. We totally didn’t see this marriage between the two art forms but once we discovered it, we just couldn’t get enough.

You see, embroidery tattoos are now a thing and the pictures below simply prove that it’s one of the coolest ideas ever when it comes to skin art. Check out the compilation below and we do not doubt you’ll be nodding in agreement that, yes, embroidery tattoos are 100% awesome!


Pretty impressive, huh? And a very unique concept, too, if I may add. It’s amazing how “the rich, textured designs look like the ink has been sewn into the skin, and take on an almost 3D appearance as they ‘pop’ out at you,” as Bored Panda accurately describes it.

Personally, I dig #15 (that very realistic-looking tape measure adds to its appeal) along with #27 because Rick and Morty! Also, the Homer Simpson one (#6) is good. The Duff crown is definitely a nice touch.

In case you are interested to see more, you can head over to Instagram and check out the hashtag #embroiderytattoo. You might even be convinced to get one of these tattoos yourself and if you ever reach that mindset, the good news here for you is that you will find lots of inspiration from that source. Just make sure you find a good tattoo artist in your area!

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