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Farmer Cracks Open Giant Egg Only To Find Another One Inside

That was something unexpected!

A farmer got the surprise of his life after cracking a giant egg only to find that another smaller one was hidden inside. The egg, which was the same size as an adult hand, was found at a family farm in northern Queensland, Australia called Stockman’s Eggs.

The egg weighed about 176 grams, which is more than three times the size of a normal average egg. Owner Scott Stockman didn’t see it coming but it was a puzzling discovery worth telling the world.

Stockman Eggs owner Scott Stockman was stunned by this unlikely surprise.

The unusually large-sized egg was collected by the farm's egg collector "Zippy."

But that wasn't the ultimate surprise the farm got.

When the farm made the discovery, Stockman gathered all his staff members so they can witness the exciting moment when the giant egg will reveal its content. He admitted that he had hoped to see four yolks inside. But instead, it was another egg.

Inside the giant egg was another perfect average-sized egg.

Mr. Stockman couldn’t believe what he saw that he thought it was out of this world. The farmer told Daily Mail:

“It’s a complete freak of nature and very rare to see an egg inside of another.”

The farm had 3,000 hens where the egg was found and that means it would be impossible to point out which of the hens laid the giant egg.

Stockman said Zippy had been the farm’s egg collector for years but had never encountered a unique find like that. In all the years of working on that farm, it was the first for Stockman to see an egg that size. However, these things do happen and it’s not the first time that it ever did.

This phenomenon is called counter-peristalsis contraction. The chicken is forming an egg and by some weird circumstance, the already formed egg goes up the bird’s oviduct. The egg-forming process starts over again, but this time, new egg forms over the previous one.

Veterinarians say that, although it’s an unusual phenomenon, the eggs remain normal and can still be eaten. But people would rather not for fear of catching an infection. Stockman avoided eating the egg as well and decided that photos of it should be uploaded instead.


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