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Man Buys All Fried Chicken In Restaurant After Woman Called Him Fat




  • One man shared how he experienced being fat-shamed by a fellow customer while he was in line in a restaurant to buy fried chicken.
  • Frederico Hill didn’t take the rude remark lightly.
  • He then decided to make an epic revenge by buying all the chicken.

As they always say, revenge is indeed sweet. So when a female customer called one man fat, he decided to make her regret it.

Frederico Hill was waiting in line to buy his meal in a restaurant when a woman and her children lined up behind him to get some fried chicken of their own. Frederico then heard the woman call him “fat” under her breath. What he did next is beyond brilliant.

Understandably, Frederico didn’t take too kindly to her rude remarks. but instead of just brushing it off, he thought of a plan to get his revenge.

Frederico took to Facebook to share his experience. He said that he decided to purchase 15 pieces of fried chicken just to take revenge on the rude woman standing behind him.

Frederico shared a picture of a large box full of fried chicken and wrote:

“I just bought this chicken out of spite because a mother behind me muttering to her whining children that ‘he can only eat 1 pc, no more than that or you’ll end up fat like uncle (me) in front.”

After hearing the unecessary remark, Frederico asked the clerk if there are more chicken aside from those that are already displayed. The clerk then said yes and they’re still cooking the next batch that would take 30 minutes to finish.

Frederico then bought all the available chicken, so the rude woman behind him would wait for half an hour for her order.

Frederico then stated that even though he was about Rp 240,000 ($16.83) poorer, he thought that his money was well spent.

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