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This Guy Looks Normal. But When He Turns Around You’ll Be TOTALLY Creeped Out!





When we say ‘someone has two faces’, we often mean that in the figurative sense. For one, it is kind of impossible for that to be taken literally. However, in the 19th century, it was believed that there was a man who literally had two faces. Can you believe that?

His name was Edward Mordake, and he had two faces – one in front and the other at the back of his head. The stories that surround his existence vary, and whether he is real or is just a mere figment of a fertile imagination remains unknown. At present, his existence could not be confirmed due to the absence of records pertaining to his birth or to his death.

Was Edward Mordake real?


Photo credit: Amazing Infos

The stories say that Edward despised the second face. He considered it to be evil, basically because it did and said the exact opposite of what he was thinking and saying. Accounts claim that the when Mordake would cry, the second face would laugh and its eyes would follow the movements of people around him. And although the second face could not speak, it would whisper nasty stuff to him and put crazy thoughts into his head. Pretty freaky, huh?

Mordake reportedly begged doctors to remove the face via surgery, but the surgeons declined because the surgery was too risky.


Photo credit: Amazing Infos

Edward put up with the nasty musings of the evil face for 23 years. Ultimately, he decided to take his own life via drinking poison, as he could not deal with the face anymore and because he desperately wanted peace. He left instructions to remove the face upon his death so it would not be able to continue doing nasty things beyond the grave. Quite a tragic end to a strange life, I must say.

A wax figure of Edward Mordake


Photo credit: Amazing Infos

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