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Teen Bought 3 Apple Gadgets From Ebay. What’s Inside? He Was Very Disappointed!





Shopping online saves us more money and time so it’s no wonder why many people prefer to stay in front of their computers or mobile devices to shop for things like clothes, bags, gadgets and whatnot. One or a few clicks away and your item or purchase will be delivered to you, no sweat!

Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work that way. There are plenty of ‘scammers’ everywhere stealing the buyers’ hard earned money through these bogus advertisements and sites online. Even established sites like Ebay are not exempted and this scenario here is another definite example.

This YouTube video uploaded by Kyle Stockford shows himself unboxing his package from Ebay. He ordered and paid for three items of apple gadgets but when he finally opened it, what he got was outright disappointing. He was furious about it and frustration was written all over his face.

Watch the video below and find out why:

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I’d probably feel the same thing if this happens to me. Lesson learned. Beware of these bogus sellers. Help spread awareness by liking or sharing this.

Credits: Kyle Stockford

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