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5 Easy DIY Hunting Traps Every Survivalist Must Learn!





Whether you are a prepper or a survivalist gearing for the end of the world; or just a person who loves camping, hunting or living off the wild, skill in hunting and making traps sure comes in handy. But given the comforts of our capitalist world where we have learned to buy off everything we need, modern man’s natural hunting instincts have long been gone.

But don’t worry here are 5 easy hunting traps you can learn to help you survive the wild. You will only need sticks, ropes, stones, a knife and even plastic bottles. Catch yourself some meal a la Hunger Games style with these traps and snares:

All you need are rocks, sticks and a bait for this crude trap.


This crude trap can easily be created out of the things from the environment. It is also nice to catch small to medium sized animals like rabbits and squirrels. Nudging the stick will mean a deathtrap for them, and an easy meal for the hunter.

For best results, camouflage the strings or surround it with leaves or cover with soil to become more inconspicuous when using the following snares for actual hunting.

A snare suited for small to medium sized ground animals


This can be a double trap, either loops can be used to ensnare the prey.


This elaborate snare is good for catching tree-dwellers, ground-dwellers and even birds.


Want some tasty fish, here’s a trap as well to catch some seafood.

Using plastic bottles, a string and a tasty bait inside, you can have some tasty sashimi or roasted fish.


Not convinced that these traps really work? Well watch the video below for tutorial and to see how the mechanisms of these traps work in slow motion!

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Design of the snare or trap is very essential in hunting. As the character Gale Hawthorne said in Hunger Games, “In designing traps, we must think like the prey. Anticipate how will they move.” By doing that, we can ensure the traps are effective. It will mean game over for them, and a meal for us. But of course, setting up traps and waiting for the prey to be ensnared requires patience too.

Do you have some traps and hunting tips to share? Comment below and share these DIY traps to your friends too.

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