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Buffalo Leaves Hunter With Severe Injuries After Being Shot




  • Chris McSherry, 35, was injured and left with a hole in the knee by a buffalo he shot.
  • The source of the injuries were a now-dead buffalo that gored the hunter right before it succumbed to the shots.
  • As of press time, McSherry is alive and well, although he has been on the receiving end of threats instead of well-wishes.

Chris McSherry, a 35-year-old hunter from Australia and a dad of five kids, sustained an injury in his knee along with an eight-inch gash under his bum after the buffalo he shot charged at him. 

McSherry shared that he spotted the buffalo in Port Bradshaw, off the northeast coast of the Northern Territory. He reportedly shot two arrows at it and a couple of bolts while following the blood trail.


To his surprise, the buffalo was still alive. It gored him twice with its horns, resulting in the injuries. He said, “I managed to turn and get about three steps in before he was on my back and gored his horns into my upper thigh, pushing me forward.”

Then the buffalo hit him while he was on the ground before it threw him away. “The buffalo left me with some decent wounds, there’s a Coke can-sized hole above the front of my knee and an eight-inch gash right under my bum,” he added.


It remains unclear what happened to the buffalo’s body but it died soon after McSherry was sent to Gove Hospital. McSherry was then transferred to Darwin Hospital for surgery and skin grafts.

His partner, Elise, later shared McSherry’s condition in a Facebook post. She also expressed gratitude to “everyone that has gone to see if he [Chris McSherry] is OK in Darwin hospital.”


“I cannot be there with him xoxo hopefully is home soon, will keep you updated [sic],” she said.

On the other hand, Chris shared that he plans to continue hunting despite the unfortunate event. He also said, “Buff is dead I’m alive (this time) and hope to be back with my family and friends soon thanks for all the well wishes on other posts I appreciate the love and support and will live to HUNT another day.”

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