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Guy Shows How To Properly Handle A Girl Who Passed Out On Your Couch





Drunk people would sleep anywhere. They wouldn’t care if they were on someone else’s room, on the bathroom, or even the streets. You get the picture. They’d literally crash wherever sleep hits them.

The guy on the video below had a friend – a hot girl, at that – who passed out on his couch. Others would have perceived this as a perfect opportunity to take advantage of the lady’s intoxication but no, this dude showed all of us the right thing to do in such a situation.

What would you do if a hot girl passed out on your couch?

Most guys would immediately jumped at the idea of taking advantage of her.

Others would have immediately jumped at the idea of taking advantage of the lovely lady but this guy was different. Instead, what he did should serve as an example for all the men reading this.

Watch the video here:

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Uploaded on YouTube by Samantha Stendal, the 25-second video entitled “A Needed Response” has so far garnered 11,458,805 views.

So in case you didn’t hit the play button, what the gentleman did was to place a pillow under her head, wrapped her with a blanket, and prepared what seems to be a cup of coffee for his lady friend. He then ended with this important advice:

“Real men treat women with respect.”

Despite the positive tone of the video though, some are criticizing the guy for not removing her uncomfortable boots or for not letting her lie down properly. One YouTube commenter asked, “Is he trying to damage her neck and spine?.. what a gruesome video!”

Still, we do hope that others see beyond that and grasp the video’s real message. Because really, some guys would not hesitate to do bad things to a defenseless drunk woman.

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