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Kids Complain About The Darndest Things. This Dad Has To Deal While Driving!





Parenthood comes with rewards and lots of funny annoyances, particularly those who are raising preschoolers, who have the most epic complaints in the world. Lucky you if you got one kid, but what if you have three, and they all start to complain about the most hilarious things? This dad had to deal with that situation in this video. On top of that, he has to drive. Just imagine the chaos inside the car with a father reprimanding, and three kids crying and blurting out “real” problems.

We think it is hilarious, and the kids, though somewhat annoying for some, are adorable! It’s the combination of the most simple problems and the most emotional reactions that made us enjoy the video.

Watch the video here:

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Credits: CutiesNFuzzies via SF Globe

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