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Crazy Moment Driver Loads His Truck Onto a Ship Using Flimsy Wooden Planks





Loading a car into a ferry boat is common. But the manner in which it is loaded can be quite unusual in some places in the world, especially in small ports where there is lack of sophisticated or at least decent equipment.

In this video we found, which according to reports was shot in a town in Brazil, we were surprised to see a truck being loaded on a ferry boat using two thin planks above the surface of the water. It is quite insane and we can’t help but wonder how one could ever agree to use that method of transfer. We were on the edge of our seats all throughout the video and ready to hear a big, loud splash but we were more surprised to see that little by little, the driver was able to successfully load the truck!

Watch the video here:

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That was really breathtaking! Now, we wonder how many cars have fallen into the water? Would you dare do this thing?

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