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People Never Understand the Rants of Red Flag Days Until This Guy Did This!





While a lot of dudes oftentimes, if not always, misinterpret “dudetes”, there is still a handful out there who luckily understand the same wavelength women have to go through upon weathering their red flag days.

Thankfully, as hilarious as it may sound, this guy summarized pretty much all there is to know when Mr. Red came knocking at a woman’s door and boy are they both comedian yet awesomely genuine! Well, if you are looking for the right kind of guy then he just might be a keeper.

Watch the video:

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Posted by Drew Ellerman on Thursday, March 26, 2015

All of us have our daily challenges. But, how we respond to these catastrophes, regardless of their gravity or simplicity, defines the personality we choose and the character we ought to become. Needless to say, women are women. As vague or complex as they may be, one can truly say that women is just an ice cream. You won’t be able to enjoy them unless topped with the sour yet sweet kiss of cherry!

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