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Man Meets His Doppelganger Onboard a Plane





Have you ever thought of the uncanny possibility of meeting your doppelganger in real life? Or by some twist of fate, discovering a person who looks exactly just like you, but you are not twins separated at birth nor even distantly related?

Well that is exactly what happened to Neil Douglas and Robert Stirling, two complete strangers who met by chance on a Ryanair flight bound for Galway, Ireland.

It all started when 32-year old Douglas asked the stranger on the seat if he could move so he could take his assigned seat, and when the 35-year old Stirling looked up, both men were shocked by what they saw. Douglas uttered “Holy shit, he looks like me” and the passengers around them couldn’t agree more. From their ginger hair and beard, smile, and yes even the matching black coats, the two looked so alike it’s hard to believe they’re not twins. Eventually, the look-alikes obliged to having their selfies together on the plane.

Two peas of the same pod? Background checks revealed the two are indeed unrelated, but they look so eerily alike!


Photo credit: Twitter: Lea Beattie

It is even more fascinating to know that the chance meeting of the two men only resulted due to Stirling swapping seats with another passenger to let the couple sit together. And it gets even more like a twist in a movie plot, when both Douglas and Stirling learned they will be staying in the same Irish hotel in Galway. The duo hit it off… as friends of course as can be seen by this pic showing the two having a good time.

Seeing double? The "twins" even drinking the same beer!


Photo credit: Twitter: Ross Hunt

Background checks revealed that the two are not victims of your usual tv series plot twists of twins separated at birth. First their ages are not the same, so is their height. They have very different backgrounds too, with Douglas being a wedding photographer from Glasgow, UK; and Stirling a civil servant from Redbridge. When asked what he thought of the very fortunate situation, Stirling said “It’s just funny really – it must be a ginger beard thing,”

The power of being a gingerhead it is. Would you want to meet your doppelganger too?

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