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Carling Redesigns Pint Glasses So You Can Easily Carry Four

You only need to take one trip from the bar with these awesome new glasses!


We all know that beer is so much better when shared with a friend. It’s even better when you have four or five people to hang out with. Unfortunately, it’s pretty difficult to bring several pints to your table since you only have two hands. Well luckily, Carling has created awesome pint glasses that are easier to carry. In fact, you can easily carry four at a time!

Carling has launched its new innovative interlocking glasses that’s perfect for big orders. The pint glass has vertical grooves so they don’t slip when held together. This means you can carry several glasses together without worrying about dropping one on the way back from the bar.

You’ll only need to take one trip back from the bar with the new Carling pint glasses!

The new Carling pint glasses are also slimmer at the bottom so it is easier to put your hands around them. You can position four glasses together and easily lift them off the bar and take them back to your friends at the table.

One of the best things about the new Carling glasses is the nucleated bottom, which was specifically designed to keep your pints fresher for a longer period. It’s certainly perfect for your one friend who likes to drink slowly.

Carling Brand Director Miranda Osborne said she is hoping the new, easy-to-carry glasses will make trips from the bar more comfortable for beer lovers.

“Our aim was to create the perfect glass for the perfect pint, whilst responding to the needs of our customers. We know our customers can feel uncomfortable leaving drinks on the bar because they can’t carry them all, so we wanted to design something that could help alleviate this problem. This is why we created our new easy carry glasses,” Osborne said.

Here’s how you can easily carry four pints at the same time.

The new glasses are currently being distributed at selected pubs across the UK and Osborne can’t wait to hear what beer lovers think about them.

“We hope people find getting pints in for friends a far more comfortable experience now,” she said.


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