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This Dog Ate a Ring worth $23,000 But Luckily it Saved Her Life!





Who would not love dogs? They are easily trained, tamed and loved. They are very enjoyable to be with. No matter how annoying they are sometimes, there is something in them that will make you just feel delighted and pleased.  Well, dogs will be dogs and if you’re not really a dog lover, you will never understand them.

One obvious behavior of dogs is that they will just eat anything that is appealing to their senses. But how will you react if your dog’s next meal will cost you $23,000? It is quite extravagant and unrealistic, right?  Well, that is what the dog’s meal in this video!

Sierra, the dog, is fondly labeled as the troublemaker because she just eats anything that she feels like eating.  One time, the owner of Sierra has been looking for her engagement ring worth $23,000. After hours of searching, she has a hunch that Sierra might have eaten it because of the dog’s reputation. She immediately brought Sierra to her vet to check her stomach.  As predicted, the owner’s wedding ring was seen inside the stomach of the dog! However, the doctors discovered that there were not only rings inside the stomach. There were more than rings!

Watch the video:

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The only lesson that we need to learn from this is to take care of our expensive and precious belongings because dogs will always be dogs and you cannot blamed them for that!

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