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DIY Wireless Charging: Here’s How You Can Charge Your Phone At A Distance of 50 Feet

Wireless chargers don’t have to be expensive. Would you try this DIY project?

Wireless charging is the latest technology for mobile phones today. It eliminates the need for cables, which is convenient since you won’t have to deal with frayed ends or having the wires get tangled up in each other.

As explained by Android Pit, wireless charging works by using “electromagnetic fields in one device to induce an electric current in a metal coil inside another device.” That battery will draw its power from that current. Since the electricity is created from within the device, there are no safety issues involved.

Wireless chargers, especially ones that are of high quality, obviously do not come cheap. If your phone is not shipped with a wireless charger or you can’t afford to buy one, you can actually make it yourself – that is according to a video shared by Addyology on YouTube and reposted by Space and Science Academy.

The wireless charger has allegedly worked at a distance of 10 ft. and 50 ft.

According to the video, all you need is your charger, a copper wire, electrical tape and a magnet. You may need to cut off the ends of the charger and have basic knowledge on splicing wires.

Check out the video and see the full instructions on how to make your own wireless charger.

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Convinced? The video has since accumulated millions of views but the question is, does it work? Would you be willing to risk your phone charger for a DIY project? Some are hopeful that this DIY would work but others say that it is a fake. According to electrical engineer Mehdi Sadaghdar, better known on YouTube as ElectroBOOM, the hack simply won’t work.

“He has cut the power lines, left the circuit open, and is just wrapping wires on wires,” ElectroBOOM explained.The YouTube personality considered the how-to videos a fake and that people should steer clear of it.

If anyone out there is willing to try the DIY project and sacrifice one charger cable, do share the results with us in the comment section below. Let us know if its a hoax or not!

Home & DIY

5 Effective and Natural Ways To Easily Clean Tile Grout

Cleaning tile grout doesn’t have to involve harsh chemicals.

A dirty bathroom, toilet or tiled room is never a pleasant sight. Most of the time, the tile grout makes your home look old and dirty fast. Not only do they make you lose the appeal of your interior design but it could also promote the growth of mold and mildew, which can be unhealthy for the entire household.

While bleach is usually the most popular solution to moldy tile grout, there are naturally effective ways on how to deal with them.

Cleaning tile grout doesn’t have to involve harsh chemicals that could damage the skin of anyone handling them.


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Here’s How to Make Sure Your Kids are Always Well-Mannered

It’s always a parent’s lingering fear that their kids will turn into tantrum-throwing, ill-mannered goblins that no one likes!

Aside from making sure your kids are well-fed, safe, and happy, you also want to instill proper conduct in your children, even from an early age. But there are a multitude of parenting books and blogs that give you conflicting information on exactly what you need to do to make sure your kids turn into spoiled little brats.

So what's the real score? While parenting techniques may differ from parent to parent, here are the 5 HUGE mistakes every parent should avoid. Just keep yourself from making these mistakes and your kids should turn out fine.

Being afraid of your kids.


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Would You Dare to Live on a House on a Rock in the Middle of the Sea?

If you’re looking for isolation surrounded by water, this might just be the home for you.

Atop a small rocky island in Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island is a huge three-story mansion that has been standing there for more than a hundred years. The mansion was built by Joseph Lovering Wharton, a socialite whose land was seized by the government. In his act of defiance, Wharton built a home where no one could bother him. The house was named Clingstone, aptly so for the way the house clings to the rock.

Clingstone house is what you might call a house built to spite someone.

Wharton decided to build his huge mansion in the middle of the sea where no one could bother him.


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