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Avoiding These Hot Spots in Times Of Disasters Will Likely Save Your Life





Disasters, whether natural or man-made, can render anyone helpless. In the face of catastrophic events such as earthquakes, hurricanes, war, and civil unrest, prevention and preparedness are the best things we can do to increase our chances of staying safe and alive. Avoiding places that can surely get one in danger during disasters is something that all of us should practice. These “hot spots” are places that can bring you harm during an emergency situation.


Get to know these “hot spots” and avoid them in times of chaos.

Grocery store


Bet this one surprised you, did it not? You think the best place to stay during a disaster is a spot with fully stocked food and other essential items. Sure, but what if that place will be stormed with panic-driven people who will do ANYTHING just to survive? Riots happen when people are desperate to get their hands on food and whatever stuff they can find and they can definitely kill in the name of their family’s survival. If you want to get a visual on how chaotic it can get, just watch World War Z.

The coast

I can just scratch my head when I hear news reports about people rushing to the shorelines before storms and hurricanes just to see the angry fury of crashing waves and howling winds in action, or worse, take a video of the whole thing and post it on social media. Unbelievable.

During the 2004 tsunami in Thailand, there were many people still hanging out at the beach when the tides were steadily gaining speed and height.



If you’re thinking of leaving home and heading to the grocery store to get supplies, you better scrap that idea. Aside from the chaos at grocery stores, you may not be able to get back safely due to clogged roads. Stay where you are, unless the authorities tell you otherwise.


Now if you MUST head out despite the obvious dangers, make sure to travel during the day and preferably with somebody. Never travel alone. Let others know where you’re going and when you expect to be back. Stay on main roads and never venture on shortcuts.

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