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He Caught a Restaurant Crew Doing this to a Disabled Customer, and Now It’s Going Viral!





In this fast-paced world we are living today, stopping for one moment seems very hard to do. As long as we do our jobs as directed, we feel like our day is complete. Sometimes, we forget to stop and think about the little things that truly matter. This is why we are truly amazed by this kind act of a restaurant crew filmed by one of the customers.

For five years, the staff of Qdoba restaurant in Kentucky has grown to know one particular customer who constantly visits their place. No one ever bothered to ask her name; all they know is that she is bounded by a wheelchair and that she is dropped off everyday by a senior citizens’ bus in front of their restaurant. Sometimes, she spends hours outside of the restaurant until some customer helps her in.

One day, a crew from Qdoba named Ridge Quarles decided to go beyond noticing the lady; he actually let her in, helped her get through the line and served her food. When he asked if there is anything else he could help her with, the lady kindly asked Ridge if he could help her eat her food. Another customer, named Dr. Jones, was able to film Ridge’s response and I am sure it will touch you deeply as it has touched us.

Watch what Ridge did here:

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Ridge obliged and really helped feed the lady. It was so touching that amidst the busy environment of the restaurant, someone took the time to see what a customer really needs and extend genuine help. What do you think of this story? Let us know in the comment box below and share this post to your family and friends too!

Credits: Moghamart via GoingViralPosts

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