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15 Photos Show Us What Prison Cells Look Like In Different Countries





One of the most common consequences of committing crime is imprisonment. Whether you are there for a few years or for a lifetime, you can just imagine how being confined there and losing your freedom can surely feel like hell.

Besides, who would want to get locked up in a place for crooks and psychos, right? So we all should really do our best to live as righteous, law-abiding citizens if the thoughts alone of staying in prison scares the pants out of you.

It is, however, still interesting to think about prison cells vary from country to country. In this compilation we have for you, we get to see how prisoner conditions are different depending on where you are.

Curious to see how cells in Canada, Japan, France and other countries look like? Dive in below and we’ll give you the photos.

1. Altiplano Prison (Mexico)

2. Bordeaux Prison (Canada)

3. HM Prison Dartmoor (England)

4. Rikers Island Prison (United States)

5. Bois D'Arcy Prison (France)

6. Neve Tirza (Israel)

7. Otago Corrections Facility (New Zealand)

8. Onomichi Prison (Japan)

9. Penal De Ciudad Barrios (El Salvador)

10. San Quentin State Prison (United States)

11. Evin Prison (Iran)

12. Haiti's Civil Prison (Haiti)

13. Norgerhaven Prison (Netherlands)

14. Halden Prison (Norway)

15. Quezon City Jail (Philippines)

These images give us a good peek at how criminals are treated differently in the above-mentioned countries. As you can easily see, some inmates seem to live in greater comfort compared with others.

So what do you think, our dear readers? Which of these look the best and which ones are the worst? Also, how do prison cells look like in your country? Tell us about it by leaving a comment below!

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