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13 Illustrations Shows How Modern “Justice” In Different Countries Looks Like

It goes without saying that justice system can be flawed.

Mark Lester Celozar





As we all know it, one of the most sensitive subjects to tackle these days is the concept of human rights. Due to the huge cultural differences among countries, it can be difficult to find the perfect middle ground without offending age-old local customs.

Gunduz Agayev, a very talented illustrator, decided to dabble on the issue of human rights and fearlessly created several powerful illustrations in order to raise awareness. Using his talent, he unveiled the horrible reality about the justice system nowadays, no holds barred.

It should be noted that the opinions these illustrations contain are all from the artist Gunduz Agayev.

1. The complete disregard of justice in Turkey.

2. The horrible truth about modern slavery in China.

3. The dire threat of all-out-war in North Korea.

4. The blind justice in United Kingdom.

5. The troubling religious conflict in Germany.

6. The poor condition of prisoners in Azerbaijan.

7. United States’ continuous warmongering.

8. The current state of war and terrorism in Syria.

9. The remaining trouble in the justice system in France.

10. The current state of refugees in Greece.

11. The poor state of women’s rights in Iran.

12. The current issue regarding violence in Russia.

13. The complete neglect of Soccer Prowess in Brazil.

When asked about these powerful illustrations, Gunduz stated:

I have spent 15-16 days for this volume. I drew thinking and reading about the situations in these countries. These illustrations depict the real conditions in the countries.

As we can see, his illustrations didn’t care about subtlety. It is clear that Gunduz wants to share his thoughts as clearly as possible. We are all aware that achieving a complete utopia is impossible. Obviously, the justice system can be flawed. Unfortunately, instead of trying to fix these flaws, many people often try to take advantage of them.

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The Best Wedding Photos Of 2017 From Around The World Compiled

Looking for the best photographer to cover your wedding? This could be your guide to the best wedding photography ideas for your big day.

Donna Marie Padua



Couples preparing for their big day are served with a never-ending to-do list that they often put on the back burner one of the most important aspects of wedding planning – the wedding photography. In reality, wedding photography is a necessary part such a special even since it is the only tangible remnant of the ceremony. It is what stays even if everything else is has already been packed and put away. And when lovers try to look back at their union, it is their photos that give them a vivid reminder on their wedding day.

As photos are the best way to immortalize your special day, it is then imperative to hire the best photographer. Get someone who can satisfy your tastes and perfectly record the time you walk down the aisle, to your first kiss as a married couple, to your first dance and up until the moment you walk out the doors of the wedding reception hall.

Professional wedding photography is taken to another level with more creative ideas that are far from the traditional setup used by earlier photographers.

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21 Amazing Surrealistic Animal Drawings By A Dutch Artist

Surrealism at its finest.

Mark Lester Celozar



Surrealism is an artistic discipline that merges fantasy and reality. For those who don’t know, Surrealism is a 1920’s cultural movement that involves unnerving, illogical scenes drawn very realistically. This may include strange creatures painted in a twisted way that often doesn’t make any sense.

Using this method, Redmer Hoekstra, an amazing artist from Netherlands, tried to incorporate animals in his fantastic drawings. Below are several of his artworks featuring animals, books, keyboards, vehicles, etc, merged in the most bizarre ways.

1. Elephant and human fused in the most bizarre way.

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Japanese Artist Uses Bamboo to Create Intricate Life-Size Insects

The fact that he strictly measures “the overall dimensions” is already mind-blowing.




Over time art has evolved into a craft greater than what we've seen over the years. From simple paintings and/or drawings, people have learned to utilize different mediums to conceive their work. There are artists who use sand and even screws in creating 3D portraits. There are also those who use makeup to create mind-blowing optical illusions.

In this article, we’re going to feature an artist who also managed to go beyond the calling of art. A talented sculptor from the Land of the Rising Sun, this Japanese man creates intricate life-size sculptures of various insects. And believe it or not, he uses bamboo to bring them into life. He's not your standard sculptor for sure.

Noriyuki Saitoh is one of the few artists in the world that is capable of combining anatomical essences and uncanny skill. He doesn’t only limit his works in varying colors and/or textures. He makes sure that every tiny piece of detail is well-achieved. He is the type who engages in a rigorous yet thoughtful process of creating each creature into its essential form.

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