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Deaf Man Discovers He’s Going To Be A Father. His Emotional Reaction Is Priceless!

Deaf dad discovers for the first time that he is going to become a father!


One of the best feelings in the world is knowing that you are going to become a parent. We’ve seen many videos of wives surprising their husbands with the baby news. All of them are touching, especially because men rarely express their dramatic side. However, we think we’ve found the best yet in a video uploaded by soon-to-be mom Brittany Welch. You see, her husband David is deaf.

The concept is very simple. David was handed a paper bag of “gifts” by his wife. The said gifts were individually wrapped and each suggests clue toward the big reveal.

David uses American Sign Language to communicate with his wife throughout the clip.

David, clueless about what's in store for him.


Photo credit: Brittany Welch
The first gift David opened was a Baby Ruth chocolate bar.


Photo credit: Brittany Welch

He looked puzzled but he goes on without a clue yet.

Next, he opens a bottle of Dad’s Root Beer wrapped in paper.

David gets a Dad's root beer. He wondered why.


Photo credit: Brittany Welch
It looks like he was starting to have an idea.


Photo credit: Brittany Welch

David looks at his wife to look for answers but gets nothing so he goes on.

Next, David unwrapped one of the final gifts: a positive pregnancy test.

His hands were shaking and looks at his wife as if he was about to break down.


Photo credit: Brittay Welch

Brittany did not say anything but when David opened the final gift, he clearly got the message.

David opens a second positive pregnancy test kit, confirming the big news!


David then took off his glasses as he was already crying at this time.

Brittany handed him a letter that reads, "Surprise Daddy."


Photo credit: Brittany Welch

David’s emotions were written all over his face. It was so touching. He raised his arms to hug his wife and that’s where the video ends.

Watch the amazing moments here:

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Credits: Brittany Welch, Daily Mail



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This simple invention can save the world, one piece of waste at a time.


Australian surfers Andrew Turton and Pete Ceglinski may just have saved the world from pollution. Ocean pollution, that is.

Called the Seabin, the device they invented works like a suction. First, it sucks in water and trash, then traps the garbage it collects together with the water. Once all the garbage has been removed, the water is transferred into a pump where oil particles are separated from the water. After the procedure - voila! Water comes back to the sea devoid of trash and oil particles.

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The video was later uploaded on YouTube by the Policía Federal de México channel. Translated to English, the description read:

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