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Wife Surprises Husband With First Pregnancy Announcement After 10 Long Years.





Giving life to a child and having someone to call his/ her own is a priceless miracle that can top all other good news. But for others, the journey is much more than a main even waiting to happen, it is an elusive gift that seems to be wrapped in a gazillion pile of meticulously glued paper. Because for couples suffering from infertility problems, the wait can be quite challenging and frustrating at some point.

Meet Doug Price and his wife; they have been married for 10 years and have waited for their bundle of joy for five years now. In this video, they were filming a video entry for a chance to win an Aruba vacation – at least, that was what he thought. But halfway through the clip, his wife started to pull out something from her pocket: a positive pregnancy test!

Watch the video below to see the glorious reaction of Doug:

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Little did Doug know that he was in for the most emotional and crazy good surprise ever! From what we saw, he was dazed, confused and overjoyed. Who wouldn’t? After waiting for five whole years, they are going to become parents!

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