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Try Not to Cry as a Deaf Baby Hears His Mother’s Voice for the First Time.





Knowing that a child won’t be able to hear a single thing is very heartbreaking especially for parents but just when everything seems hopeless, God intervenes.

The same case happened to baby Elijah Cook who was born at Mercy Hospital in Coon Rapid and was diagnosed with severe-profound sensorineural hearing loss shortly after his birth. His parents were told that it was common for some babies to fail the initial hearing screening and that they could still try additional tests.

Despite the bad news, the couple remained hopeful that Elijah will be able to hear even though they knew the possible hearing challenges since it’s a common condition in the family. It was later confirmed when all three tests yielded the same result.

However, like an answered prayer, the Cooks were referred to the developmental and rehabilitation program at Children’s Specialty Center in Minnesota. The family then met Lori Johnson, AuD for another hearing test. Ahavah Cook, Elijah’s mom, said they seems more knowledgeable about her son’s diagnosis.

The moment they have been waiting for came when Johnson fitted tiny hearing aids for the 9-week-old Elijah which allowed him to finally hear everything.

In this heartwarming video, Elijah hears his mother’s voice for the first time and his reaction is priceless. The unspoken bond between the mother and her child is there the whole time–sweet and ‘tear jerking.’

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‘The first time I saw him blink, I had a lot of emotions,’ Ahavah said. ‘I was trying really hard not to cry. I didn’t want him to see me cry. I was trying hard to keep it together and just talk to him.’

With the help of hearing aids, Elijah has been cooing, smiling and responding to the sounds made by his family since then.

‘The cooing is the big thing,’ Jason said. ‘He wasn’t very talkative, but ever since he was fitted for his hearing aids he’s cooing more, he pays more attention.’

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