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At Her 38th Week of Pregnancy, This Mom Hoped to Induce Labor by Dancing





The entire labor process can be an exciting but exhausting experience for pregnant mothers. The contractions, which vary from mild to strong, can be really painful – particularly during active labor. Contractions have intervals, but the entire process can last for hours, days, or weeks. However, there are some mothers who neither feel any symptoms nor see any signs of labor despite being close to a full term pregnancy. In such cases, labor can be induced.

Several medical options are available to help induce labor in expecting mothers. There has also been a new fad circulating over the internet…and it involves dancing! This is not exactly a popular method yet, but a social community called Smart Mom, where pieces of parenting advice are given, suggests dancing as an alternative for labor induction when other measures fail.

Already on her 38th week of pregnancy, this mom turned to dancing to induce labor.

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Photo credit: YouTube

This mom was on her 38th week of pregnancy when the video was filmed. She was expecting to deliver twin boys. At that time, her cervix was already 4 cms dilated and 70% effaced but despite of experiencing contractions for at least two weeks, the boys aren’t just coming out. So she decided to induce labor by dancing. Well, what better way to wait than to enjoy right? So this mom just danced!

Watch the video here:

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If you are planning to dance your baby bumps away though, it is often best to consult with your doctor first. Also, try to be a bit selective when choosing a song. Your baby won’t come out if you play Justin Bieber’s!

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