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Pregnant Belly Dancer Captivates the Audience With Her Mesmerizing Moves!





There’s something about belly dancing that captures the attention of the viewers, taking us straight into the stories of the Arabian Nights, of Princess Jasmine and her handsome Aladdin.

So, when belly dancer Sadie Marquardt performed the exotic dance on stage, she truly captivated her audience. But what’s even more incredible with this performance is that Sadie is pregnant! Considering that belly dancing is a celebration of femininity and pregnancy is the ultimate woman’s joy, this dance was rather symbolic.

If you loved Sadie’s performance in this video, then you’ll certainly enjoy her belly dancing lessons and fitness routines. An accomplished belly dancer, she has plenty of workout DVDs and workshops.

Still, this is the first time I’ve seen a pregnant woman go belly dancing – it was terrifying and incredible at the same time. It felt a bit terrifying to watch her swirl around and quickly move her abdomen to the rhythm of the dance yet incredible that she could easily do that given the weight of her baby!

Considering how she’s a pro in belly dancing, I guess there’s no need for us to worry about her harming the baby in any way. She certainly looks like she has excellent control on her belly muscles – she knows exactly what she’s doing!

Check out her amazing moves in this video; you’ll surely want to take up belly dancing after watching this:

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Source: SF Globe

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