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Touching Comic Strip About Growing Old Will Give You All The Feels

Reading this comic strip will give you a deeper appreciation of life.

Mark Andrew





“In family relationships,” religious leader Dieter F. Uchtdorf once said, “love is really spelled T-I-M-E.” This is absolutely correct because spending quality and quantity time with your loved ones is crucial in order to strengthen the bond with each other.

Besides, time flies extremely fast and so you want to make the most of your life with the most important people in your life. The goal really is to create as happy memories as you can along the way.

This sentiment is exactly why a now-viral comic strip has touched the hearts of many netizens across the globe. Dan Dougherty, an award-winning comic artist, recently created and released a wonderful and heart wrenching comic strip about growing old.

The comic, which has been published in Beardo chronicles, shows us a father holding his young daughter, envisioning their future together. Reality hits him and he later comes back to the present with a deeper determination to treasure each precious, little moment with his child and family. Particularly, the words “It’ll be over before we know it” totally resonated with many.

Go scroll down below to read the touching comic strip:

The comic strip has achieved viral popularity with many netizens praising it for its strong message about the importance of families. Some said the comic helped them realize how lucky they are to be spending time with their loved ones while others confessed it motivated them to hug their family members.

Bored Panda and several other websites eventually featured the comic which led to getting wider exposure to more readers.

In case you’re interested to check out more comics stuff, you can head over to Beardo Comics official website or follow them over at their Facebook page.

How did you feel while reading Dougherty’s comic? Did it give you the feels?Do let us know by sharing your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Chinese Man Buys 5,000 Bowls Of Noodles After Restaurant Finds His $45,000 Engagement Ring

A Chinese man treated thousands of residents with free noodles after the restaurant returned his expensive engagement ring.

Donna Marie Padua



A Guangzhou native in China got an odd sign that his love was right when he lost the engagement ring he was about to give his girlfriend but then found it again. The man only identified as Mr. Wang lost a luxurious diamond ring worth $45,000 in a restaurant but was later returned to him. To celebrate, he bought 5,000 bowls of spicy noodles from the restaurant which he gave away to the Chongqing residents.

Mr. Wang had been planning to do a surprise marriage proposal to his girlfriend on their first-year anniversary. To make sure that everything goes smooth, he had been doing plenty of preparations the day ahead the engagement. However, while he was having his lunch on Sunday, he moved away from his seat where his bag and the engagement ring were to take a call from his girlfriend.

A Chinese man shared his gratitude to Chongqing residents after his lost three-carat diamond ring was found.

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Dondi Tiples



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Like changing the oil in a car.

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Schizophrenic Lady Uses Art To Illustrate Hallucination And Break Stigma On Mental Illness

A lady diagnosed with Schizophrenia opens up about her hallucinations and how she uses her art to deal with them.

Donna Marie Padua



Most people would see mental illness as a serious disorder. Some would even stay away from the mentally ill, thinking they might suddenly go violent. This misunderstanding has sadly become a fact for the past couple of decades, making those who suffer feel like outcasts in the society.

What we certainly don’t realize is that what these “special” people really need are acceptance, patience and understanding from those of us around them. But these people are also blessed. They may not have it all but they have things about themselves that they can also boast about. For instance, their strength to face a world that criticizes them and another is their talents which are surprisingly admirable.

To prove that, an 18-year-old lady stepped forward to talk about her schizophrenia and her coping mechanism.

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