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Artist Creates Incredibly-Detailed Mini Sculpture of Freddie Mercury Using PVC Clay

This is very impressive!

Mark Andrew





Freddie Mercury isn’t only a talented songwriter and a charismatic frontman for Queen. A scientific research even tells us that he is the greatest singer ever who had a “different vibrato than most humans.”

With the hit 2018 biopic entitled “Bohemian Rhapsody” starring Rami Malek, there’s no question that Mercury’s legacy will continue to live on in the generations to come. Suffice it to say he is a rock icon that will forever be loved by fans young and old.

One such fan wanted to capture his likeness in a very unique way by creating a mini sculpture based on the Queen vocalist.

Brazilian artist Juliana LePine shared a video on YouTube showing how she crafted a figurine from scratch using PVC clay – and everyone’s absolutely blown away by the impressive details.

She started from the skull, shaping the head and then down to his body.

The finished piece shows us Mercury sporting his trademark mustache and his iconic attire of white tank top, jeans, and white Adidas sneakers. Fans, of course, would immediately recognize that as Mecury’s iconic look during their LiveAid performance back in 1985 – a concert that was also recreated and shown in the movie.

The figure measured 7.5 inches and we’re just so impressed by this amazing sculpture. No wonder the video attracted a lot of views and has even gained attention from various news sources.

Watch the video below and see for yourself:

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This sculpture definitely made us ask if this is real life or if its just fantasy.

Anyway, if you happen to be someone interested in sculpture in any way, you can check out Juliana LePine’s channel on YouTube where she shares techniques via her instructional videos. Also, you might want to see her other sculptures featuring Axl Rose, Amy Winehouse, Lady Gaga, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and Dr. Emmett Brown (from ‘Back to the Future’).

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27 Photos Of Realistic Sand Art

#8 is unbelievable!




There are so many creative people in the world, and sometimes the classic pencil and paper just don’t cut it for their wild imagination anymore. Now, you can see art everywhere, even at the beach, which is called a sand art.

Sand art is the practice of modeling sand into an artistic form. While most of us are still trying to make a decent sand castle, sand artists have already taken things to a whole new level and created sculptures, portraits, and more with sand! Here are 27 photos of realistic sand art that you should see to believe.

1. You don't need a Golden Ticket to experience this masterpiece.

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25 Photos That Won The Prestigious Siena International Photo Awards

These are breathtaking!




Siena International Photo Awards (SIPAContest) is a photography competition from around the world that is judged by experts. The panel includes distinguished photographers, editors, and well-known buyers.

The 2018 Siena International Photo Awards has received 48,000 submissions from 156 countries. In total, the entrants competed in 11 categories, including this year’s special category, Splash of Colors.

Here are 25 photos that won the prestigious Siena International Photo Awards:

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Vancouver Police Canine Unit Releases Awesome 2019 Charity Calendar

A calendar filled with very good boys!

Nobelle Borines



This might be the greatest calendar in existence. The Vancouver Police Canine Unit has released their awesome 2019 charity calendar. Not surprisingly, it shows the cool police dogs being completely bad-ass.

The Vancouver Police Canine Unit's pawesome calendar got its start in 2009 when retired officer Mike Anfield decided to honor his late wife VPD Constable Candy Anfield. Mike wanted to pay tribute to Candy by focusing on the amazing canines she had worked with. Proceeds from the calendar go towards the B.C. Cancer Foundation and B.C. Children’s Hospital Foundation.

A great calendar with an awesome cause? Where do we sign up?

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