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Artist Uses A Chainsaw To Create This Incredible Dragon Bench





An extremely talented artist from Estonia just wowed the world with his incredible dragon bench. What made this wood-carved creation more special is that it was made using a chainsaw!

If you or someone you know loves the Games of Thrones, then be sure to check it out. The sophisticated bench will really remind you of the popular series and surely give you all the feels, with one Reddit user even commenting:

“Sh*t looks straight out of Skyrim,”

Can’t contain the excitement? Check out the pictures below. Enjoy!

Would you dare sit on it?

The Incredible Dragon Bench

Look at those details!

Dragon Bench In Progress

Before and After Photos

Exquisite creation

Wow, that bench sure looks amazing! The details in every angle look so intricate, it seems impossible to believe that it was created using a chainsaw. The person who made this must be very fascinating to meet!

Well the genius behind this now viral bench is Igor Loskutow. He is a wood carving instructor currently based in Bad Dürrheim, Southern Germany. According to his website, chainsaw carving is a new type of art and is different from the traditional way. Chainsaw carvers use huge, heavy and coarse chainsaw to create their masterpieces, whether it be a small or large sculpture.

The dragon bench is not the first one to give him fame, however. Loskutow has had numerous awards since 2006, with the latest being a first place finish in the 2009 Fasna Carving Festival in the Netherlands.

Loskutow considers the courses he provide not only as a way to develop carving skills, but also as a great gift to anyone who is curious to try out woodcarving.

The creator of the Dragon Bench

Loskutow, together with four other German artists represent Husqvarna – a famous chainsaw manufacturer in Germany, during events. Their team creates sculptures on-the-spot during these events, and according to Luskotow, they truly become the center of attention.

Other Chainsaw Carvings


Large Hand Sculpture

Rottweiler… what a beauty!

Something for your garden

He doesn't only make sculptures for display, he creates functional pieces too!

Art is a really good way of expressing creativity, connecting people who are fascinated with beautiful masterpieces and bringing good vibes to its audience. Clearly, Luskotow’s dragon bench is just one proof.

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