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Sculptor Creates Fantastic Cat Tree And The Kitten Absolutely Loves It

This magical indoor tree is perfect for any adventurous cat!


Cats may be notoriously difficult to please but one owner figured out an awesome way to make their beloved kitty happy. They commissioned a sculptor to create a fake indoor tree that the kitten can climb to its heart’s content. Not surprisingly, the real master of the house approves.

Robert Rogalski is an “Illustrator, Concept Designer Sculptor, Model Builder, and creature Puppet, Maker” based in Rochester, New York. The artist is truly gifted at creating amazing sculptures and illustrations. One of his recent creations was something made for a friend who also wanted to make sure their cat would be happy. For this, Rogalski worked on a gorgeous indoor tree that pleased the adventurous kitty.

This awesome sculpture was made for a very special cat.
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According to Rogalski, the tree was custom designed and built on location. The artist actually planned how the tree would look when visiting his friend’s home.

“First I design and build to the specific needs of the location, and my clients,” Rogalski said. “Each tree is different, it is an organic process.”

Rogalski explained the process of creating something that would be a permanent part of the house.

“For Permanent Installations, like cat trees, furniture, beds, reading nooks etc. I start by constructing a wooden armature, to give structure, then I attaché, then carve sheets or blocks of foam that are then covered with a paper pulp/particle clay,” he said. “That is then mixed with heavy duty wood glue.. (or even fiberglass resin, but I prefer not to use fiberglass) This is extremely durable.”

The king of the cat tree is truly happy with the sculpture.

The finished product is truly majestic and fit for a cat who feels like the king of the house.

Rogalski is more than open to crafting similar trees for any home. Just be advised that it could get a little expensive. Rogalski charges a minimum of $4,000 to $4,500 but it’s certainly worth the price!

Learn more about Rogalski’s works below:

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