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Bike Chain Link Sculptures Perfectly Capture Human Emotions





Art undoubtedly evokes emotions. A good art never leaves us cold. For some artists, they took it up a notch and created art pieces that perfectly mimic human emotions, even with the use of trivial materials, such as bicycle chains.

Prepare to be enthralled by the works of Korean artist Yung Deok Seo, who used chains linked together to create stirring masterpieces that vividly capture human’s emotions.

South Korean artist Yung Deok Seo specializes on the human body.

He tells stories with the use of the human figure.

What’s mind-boggling is how he uses the unlikely material of chains linked together, to form an almost perfect representation of the human body.

The artist meticulously welded the chain links piece by piece in order to create his stunning sculptures. Some of his works are life-sized while some are larger than life.

His works perfectly capture the emotions of the modern human.

His choice of material used symbolizes how humans are interlocked and are just a piece of a big machine.

His creations have a strong social meaning that reflects how fragmented our world has become. He shows the reality through the eyes of the younger generation.

Some of his sculptures are lying on the ground while some are missing a part like it was broken.

It is the artist’s way of expressing the struggles of humans. His preference for the human body as his subject is quite interesting. He regards the body as a temple from which he draws inspiration, both artistically and spiritually.

His use of industrial materials is a metaphor for the anxiety that the human suffers in this modern world.

He said that while it can dampen our spirits, it can also be a source of comfort for those who need it.

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