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22 Creatively Genius Ways to Hide Ugly Things in Your Home

These are all a must-try!






Almost everyone in this world wants a house that is both clean and tidy. Who wouldn’t? A well organized home can certainly bring good mood to its occupants. If you are someone who loves a clutter-free environment, seeing a disorganized pile of stuff is quite revolting.

Interestingly, there are things that you can do to keep your home simply organized. These genius tips Elite Readers has gathered can help cut back all the clutter. Whether you want to hide unwanted clothes or keeping electronic gadgets at bay, these genius tips will definitely keep your home neat and tidy!

Check them out below.

#1. Keep your dog’s food and water in a drawer that you can hide anytime you want.

#2. Hiding your AC unit behind a helpful chalk board or a wall hanging.

Remember not to block the airflow.

#3. Run those cords at home with these pretty vine clips.

#4. Hide messy cords using a desk curtain.

#5. But if you have lots of cords, just Bob Marley them.

#6. And while you are at it, create an electronic charging station.

#7. Give your washers and dryers some inspiration using a tape.

#8. Decorate your refrigerator with removable wallpapers.

#9. Install stairs that can also work as drawers.

#10. Hide those routers of yours in pretty boxes.

#11. Hate those eyesore-stuff? Hide them with paintings.

#12. Hang a painting over a TV when it is not in use.

#13. Cover a normal bathtub with imitation stone siding.

#14. Hide your jewelries and other things with a painting.

#15. Tired of those cables and wires? Hide with these picket fences.

#16. Turn those stray wires into adorable electrical towers.

#17. Hide your pet’s bathroom inside a cabinet.

#18. Disguise ugly pipes using pipe rocks.

#19. Use this old book cover to disguise your router.

#20. Worried about those extra spaces under your stairs? Use them as storage.

#21. Stack your books with invisible book shelf.

#22. Keep your guests amazed of the environment with these little decals.

It is not hard to admit that these tips, albeit weird and non-conventional, can do wonders for your home. Let us know which ones you are going to apply at home.

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