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This Water Hole in Portugal Looks Like a Portal to Another Dimension

You just wish it’ll take you to the center of the Earth.


There are just a lot of fascinating places to see on Earth and somewhere in Portugal, you can find one.

It’s actually kind of creepy, but it looks amazing when you look at it from above.

It may not look real to you but this place really exists and it’s manmade.

This spillway called Covão dos Conchos is located near Guarda, Portugal and is part of the Conchos Dam in Serra de Estrela, the country’s highest mountain range.

The Covão dos Conchos, located on top of Portugal's highest mountain range, Serra de Estrela.

The Covão dos Conchos, located on top of Portugal's highest mountain range, Serra de Estrela.

Source: Turismo

When you look at it, you can imagine so many things such as the hole taking you in another dimension. But as much as you want to think creatively just like in the movies, the hole is actually a dam, which collects water from Ribeira das Naves and diverts it to the Bayou Lagoon Long.

Doesn’t it make you imagine things such as getting sucked in and transported to a different dimension?


Here's a photo of a frozen Covão dos Conchos.

Here's a frozen Covão dos Conchos.

Source: Wikiloc

This hydroelectric system was constructed in 1955. It has a height of 4.6 meters and has a circumference of 48 meters. The tunnel that collects the water is 1519 meters long.

To get to the location, one will need to walk several kilometers.

To get to the location, one will need to walk several kilometers.

Source: Pinterest

Getting to where that spillway is can be difficult since one needs to take a hike for several kilometers.

In the video below, a drone operated by Daniel Alvez and Hélder Tavares was able to capture the beautiful Serra de Estrela and you’ll feel as if you’re flying above the spillway. The video provides an exhilarating view of the area and in a far corner, is a small hole that looks like a mouth of a fish.

Check out the breathtaking view of Serra de Estrela and watch the dam collect water and let your imagination run wild.

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Bill Gates Backs Waterless Toilet That Generates Energy From Human Wastes

This invention is genius!

Poor sanitation has long been linked to certain diseases such as cholera and diarrhea.

This results to lack of sanitation facilities such as the most basic one, toilets. In poor countries, these diseases are rampant, which is why scientists are doing their best to develop a solution that should help the situation.

The World Health Organization states that 2.4 billion people don’t have access to toilets. Despite the improvement of the percentage of access to sanitation facilities – 68 percent in 2015 versus 54 percent in 1990 – there are still people who defecate in open fields.

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People Call Him the “Time Lord” and His Job is Very Important

Nope, he’s not from planet Gallifrey.


In the fast-paced society we live in today, time is of the essence. A lot of the things and technologies that we use today rely on time. But have you ever stopped to think about who tracks time and makes sure it is accurate, standardized, and right on schedule?

Meet Dr. Judah Levine, the real-life Time Lord. He currently works at the Time and Frequency Division of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, where every unit of measurement or quantity is standardized - even time. His main function is to calibrate the system and ensure that time is accurate and the same - down to the nanosecond -across all states and places.

If you're wondering how he is able to do this, Dr. Levine and a team of other amazing scientists at NIST developed an atomic clock system which connected all phones, financial markets, power grids, and the like. And no, this was not fairly recent - their invention was created decades ago! How awesome is that?

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This Boulder In Germany Has a Hidden Wi-Fi Router That Needs Fire to Turn On

Pardon the pun but this one absolutely rocks!

Springhornhof, a museum located in Neuenkirchen, Germany, has a unique attraction on its grounds.

If you ever visit the place, you will likely notice an ordinary-looking boulder that’s actually, well, a little extra-ordinary. Although the massive stone does not have any signs or plaques to grab the attention of museum-goers, keen-eyed visitors will notice that the rock’s end is covered in black soot because of burning.

The real reason behind this is that the boulder is called a “Keepalive,” a special project by Aram Bartholl. Weighing 1.5 tons, the Keepalive boulder actually hides a Wi-Fi router inside it. The device is powered by a thermoelectric generator which then converts heat into electricity.

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