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The Scenic Fishing Village of Nazaré, Portugal




  • Nazaré might be one of the best reasons to visit Portugal.
  • The scenic fishing village offers a relaxing background that’s also ideal for different activities such as fishing and surfing, among others.

Located in the province of Estremadura in Central Portugal, Nazaré is a lovely fishing village that has become a favorite destination for tourists looking for some peace and quiet. The seaside town is known for its gorgeous beach and colorful boats that make it a great spot for relaxing and enjoying wholesome activities such as fishing, surfing, or simply walking along its shores.

According to history, Nazaré was named after a Virgin Mary statue from Nazareth. The wooden sculpture was brought to the town by a monk way back the 4th century. It is divided into three neighborhoods namely Praia, Sítio, and Pederneira.

The picturesque village has one of the best beaches in Portugal.

Aside from the above-mentioned activities, you may likewise check out different cafes and restaurants during your stay in Nazaré. Many of these places offer customers with scrumptious seafood dishes, prepared from locally-caught fishes.

Of course, it’s impossible to miss the colorful boats in the area. Plus the fact that fishermen and local women still wear traditional colorful costumes is sure to captivate visitors.

When going to Sitio, riding the funicular is an absolute must-try.

From there, you can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of the entire village.

It is also worth-noting that Nazaré is home to several surfing records.

In 2011, American Garrett McNamara set a record after conquering a massive 78-ft wave at Praia do Norte, Nazaré. Six years later, Brazillian surfer Rodrigo Koxa managed to break the record with an 80-ft wave, a feat that has been recognized by Guinness World Records as the biggest wave ever surfed.

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